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Genre: Komödie
Regie: Filip Zylber
Cast: Tomasza Sapryka,Ewe Kasprzyk,Ewe Chodakowska,Krzysztofa Stelmaszyka,Krzysztofa Globisza
Land: Polen
Filmstart: 04.11.2018
Laufzeit: 90
fsk: 12

Daria and Filip have known each other for years and are the best friends of each other. Filip is a classic "Peter Pan" and a real heartbreaker of women. After another, wild night, he wakes up next to a newly met girl, and he feels that he wants to change his life and give it meaning. He remembers a appointment he made some time ago with his best friend, if they can not get a serious relationship, they will marry together and have a child. Can love really start with friendship? Is it really capable of surviving everything? And above all - can it last forever?